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Doina Star 3
, 09.12.2019, 03:16

Hey, I've recently picked up this Doina and been trying to wire it up.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my undestanding is that - Black wire is the guitar switch, White is the hot wire and the copper one is ground.

This is the wiring I tried using some alligators, and couldn't get any sound.

Here are some images.


Re: Doina Star 3
Gess, 09.12.2019, 11:26

good day
I can be wrong, but in the photo the signal is white. black and copper-ground. Jack only mono, stereo not need
I think other comrades will correct me if I wrong
God save the Qween

Re: Doina Star 3
Gess, 10.12.2019, 06:01

see it

Re: Doina Star 3
lordbizarre, 05.06.2021, 11:26

there's only one and simple connection possible : on the pot one side is grounded ; the opposite side is the hot ( incoming signal ) and the middle is the variable and only connection that goes to the (mono)jack . The copper is usually jack-and circuit ground ! succes !!