Odessa fretboard
lordbizarre, 23.04.2013, 15:10

привет !
I was just wondering about the fretboard woods used on a Odessa 3 pu electric guitar (РИТМ-СОЛО "ОДЕССА" Арт 077/174).The neck itself is made of three ply's of Beech (without trussrod ! ), but when cleaning the fretboard I had the impression that the used wood is Cedar , by the looks but also by the smell...is it Cedar ?
спасибо !!

Re: Odessa fretboard
Павлуха, 23.04.2013, 15:12

С моим хреновым английским, но автор по-моему спрашивает, действительно ли делались накладки грифа Одессы из кедра?

Re: Odessa fretboard
shlepakoff, 23.04.2013, 15:29

Все верно, Павлуха!

lordbizarre, we understand your question. let's wait until our resident experts share their ideas about the wood used on the Odessa fretboard.

Re: Odessa fretboard
SPA, 23.04.2013, 16:22

stained beech or pear,maybe (unlikely) birch